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Frequently Asked Questions

Following your training in our four-week course, you will have the confidence and skills necessary to apply for dental assistant positions.

  We do our best to keep our students and staff safe during the pandemic.

Facts About Dental Assisting

Dental assistants perform a variety of duties in a dental office, primarily assisting the dentist during the examination and treatment of patients with 4-handed dentistry, passing instruments and keeping the working field clean and secure. They are responsible for gathering information from the patient and monitoring the patient for comfort with a duty to relay information to the doctor. Dental assistants sterilize & prepare instrumentation required for dental care. Procedures that are often performed by dental assistants under the supervision of a licensed dentist may include but are not limited to:

  • Certain dental impressions and 3D intraoral scans
  • Clinical Photographs
  • Radiographs and other imaging
  • Application of topical anesthetic
  • Suture removal
  • Coronal polishing of teeth
  • Fabrication of temporary fillings and crowns
  • Placement of isolation devices including but not limited to rubber dams
  • Placement of dental sealants
  • Placement of retraction cord

A knowledge of compliance and regulations specific to healthcare is critical to safely provide care both for patients and all clinical staff including one’s self. Dental assistants must be reliable, work well with others, and have suitable manual dexterity.

Central Academy of Dental Assisting will be a part of the dental education industry. According to the Economic Outlook report of January 2022 by American Dental Associations through the Health Policy Institute, dental staffing is a concern for 70% of dentists with dental assistants being the most in-demand member of the dental team.

Customers are citizens in the community who are looking to expand their knowledge and skillset for a career in dental assisting. Students looking for experience using the latest technology and further expansion into dental specialties will find what they are looking for within the Central Academy of Dental Assisting.

The economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has many people re-evaluating their careers and going back to school to do something that aligns with their needs, values and goals. A career in dental assisting affords flexibility, steady income, and potential for greater development into many areas. The Central Academy of Dental Assisting provides a unique and multidisciplinary approach in a condensed fashion with affordable tuition to complete training and eligibility for state registration.

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Central Academy of Dental Assisting is here to prepare you for working as a dental assistant in the real world with the most accurate and up-to-date technical and practical training.
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What does my tuition include?
Included in the tuition and supply fee are all of the books and supplies that you will need. There is a $100 enrollment fee due upon acceptance.
When and where are classes held?
Classes are held quarterly for 4 consecutive weeks from 8 AM to 5 PM with an hour break for lunch at our dental office facility located at 3602 6th Ave #104, Tacoma, WA 98406. Click on the “Contact” tab for a map to the office.
What attire is appropriate during class time?
Scrubs are mandatory for all school hours, lecture and practicum. Students are to wear black scrub pants. A jacket will be provided by the Central Academy of Dental Assisting.
Will I receive a certificate or diploma at the completion of the course?
Students will be awarded a diploma at the completion of the course.
What happens if I miss a class?
CADA stuctures its curriculum to deliver highly intense, focused theoretical and clinical study material in as efficient a manner as possible. Because our program is accelerated, absences will seriously affect a students ability to progress through the material quickly and thoroughly. Students should make every effort to be on time for every session. If an emergency does arise, contact the program administrator, director, or instructor and a make up session will be arranged if at all possible.
What is the difference between CADA and a 10-12 month Dental Assistant Program?
CADA offers an efficient, practical knowledge base which will prepare students for the day-to-day functions they will be expected to perform. We concentrate our time and energy on learning those skills necessary to be both an advocate for the patient as well as a productive and effective member of the dental team. Health Care Provider CPR certification is offered as part of our course work and is a mandatory step in a student’s quest to become a certified dental assistant. The tuition at CADA is approximately 1/3 of the cost of a 10-12 month program. Both Drs. Broughton and Dunn will not only supervise the delivery of the course work but will participate in person giving lectures and working one on one with students to ensure the students adequately grasp the proper chairside assisting techniques.

Dental assistants enjoy nearly endless upward mobility potentiality in the dental field. Whether it is a lifelong career assisting the doctor chairside, as a stepping stone to a career in dental hygiene or becoming a dentist oneself, the assistant plays a pivotal role as a member of the dental care team.

Establishing meaningful interactions with patients, making them feel comfortable, alleviating their fears and concerns, facilitating efficient treatment…all are in large part due to the skill of a well trained professional dental assistant. The dental assistant is an essential part of making dentistry work.

A dental assistant plays a large role in assisting the dentist, coordinating treatment plans, corresponding with specialist’s offices, facilitating proper handling of laboratory cases and equipment, and ensuring that the patient’s treatment goes as smoothly as possible. Dental assistants should also be familiar with the day-to-day operations of the practice management aspects such as keeping accurate treatment notes, scheduling appointments, answering basic questions about dental insurance and answering office phones appropriately.

Dental assisting is a career which requires the ability to effectively multi-task while ensuring that each step is done thoroughly, safely, and professionally.

There's an increasing demand for Dental Assistants!

Now is a great time to start your dental assisting career. The demand for Dental Assisting jobs are expected to rise 18% from 2014 to 2024 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is much higher than the average industry.